My Background

I have a successful diverse background in digital commerce or ecommerce marketing, writing, publishing, podcasting, live streaming, voice over work, digital music production and multimedia broadcasting. With a focus on providing quality products, services, and self-authored content, I have built a successful digital based business or e-commerce entity. As an autodidact or self motivated learner, I believe in hands-on education learning and training. Thus I have created a variety of resources, including business templates, online references, and how-to videos, to help others achieve success in their digital ventures. Ethereal Embassy Unlimited LLC is the official home and incorporating entity for several other marketing and entertainment based businesses. We are are based out of Southwest Ohio, Cincinnati. We are based in Cincinnati Ohio, yet operate nearly one hundred percent online or mobile making us a digital nomadic company.

Current Projects

Ecommerce Multimedia

I operate several high ticket ecommerce businesses, high converting affiliate marketing programs, social media monetization and digital promotion. I assist other creators in establishing their online presence and drive sales. From social media strategies to SEO search engine optimization, I provide comprehensive solutions tailored to growing maintaining and scaling businesses.

Writing and Publishing

In addition to marketing services, I am also an author avid writer and publisher. I have authored several self published literary works books and ebooks. Freelance co-writing, ghost writing voice over and publishing services to aspiring creators. My goal is to help others by sharing my collective ideas stories and knowledge with the world.

Podcasting and Live Streaming

Through my podcasting and live streaming projects, I aim to connect with a wider audience and share valuable insights wisdom and experiences. From interviews with industry experts to live events and workshops, I strive to deliver very engaging and highly informative content.